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Awide range of condiments for those who, every day, at the table, also like to make an ethical and conscious choice…




White or red? As is the case for wine, it is just as important to pair vinegar with the right dish.




Acetificio Brivio brings to the table the full tradition of good Italian cuisine, this time that typical of the Emilia Romagna region.

History of Acetificio Brivio

The Taste of Century-Old Tradition

The story of Acetificio Brivio is closely intertwined with that of my family and began more than 180 years ago in the hills of Calco, a municipality in the Lecco province, close to Lombardy’s Prealps and overlooking the banks of the Adda river. This particular geographical conformation has always guaranteed ideal, temperate climates to the entire area.
In 1845 my great-grandfather Luigi Pizzagalli, after an apprenticeship with the Marquis of Albese con Cassano, decided to start his own vinegar production, founding “Acetificio Pizzagalli”. This is the dawn of what has become a family business for five generations now, a business that continues to focus and specialise in the production of the finest wine vinegar and food seasonings, using exclusively raw materials of Italian origin, in full respect of the old tradition of the original “maestri acetai” (master vinegar makes).
The company specialised in the production of wine vinegars, an art handed down from father to son up to Giovanni Pizzagalli, grandson of the historical founder, who took over the reins of the company in 1935. Giovanni made the strategic decision to transfer the Company’s headquarters from the small town of Calco to Cicognola di Merate, a small village located a few kilometres from Lecco, where our products continue to be produced today, with great care and dedication.
The relocation of the Company’s headquarters was followed by a further important change for the vinegar factory. It is precisely in the 1930s that the company was renamed to “Acetificio Brivio” (literally meaning Brivio Vinegar Factory), a tribute to Luigi Pizzagalli’s son-in-law, Carlo Brivio, who dedicated himself body and soul to the growth and well-being of the company, with the same passion and spirit of initiative of its original founder.

Acetificio Brivio


Acetificio Brivio - Production

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Acetificio Brivio

To quality

Acetificio Brivio

An all-italian flavour experience

Since the very beginning, Acetificio Brivio has always paid the utmost attention to the selection of 100% Italian raw materials and to the quality and transparency of the production processes, in order to create unique products with a unique taste. Such products are obtained thanks to simple and genuine ingredients, constantly selected across the country through a network of qualified and certified suppliers.

Today, this long and consolidated tradition characterised by taste and quality, continues its journey under my care: Alessandro Carozzi, Carlo Brivio’s grandson. With the same authentic passion that distinguished my ancestors, I look to proudly continue the development of the family business, adding a pinch of innovation to an experience of flavours that goes back for more than one hundred years. Indeed, over the past few years, our historic line of wine vinegars was enriched with the addition of PDO as well as PGI-marked Balsamic Vinegars of Modena, apple cider vinegar, the Gourmet line for the most refined and demanding palates, all the way to flavoured glazes and the recent range of fully organic vinegars and seasonings, a perfect example of our attention to new consumer needs.

Despite our growing product catalogue, tradition and taste continue to be the true guarantees of the quality and passion that have always distinguished Acetificio Brivio’s production: a family-run business, which with its profound love for vinegar, was able to conquer the entire world, ensuring the success of its products well beyond Italy’s borders.

The extreme care which we dedicate to the selection of raw materials – combined with the attention with which we bring to life each and every one of our products, from the transformation of the raw materials to the packaging of the finished product – have allowed us to become a leader in the private label sector, alongside some of biggest names of supermarket brands and distributors on the market. This, because since the early days of our Company, we have always let our products speak for us: it is thanks to them that we have been selected, over 10 years now, as “Supplier of the year” by various industrial players that use wine vinegar in their productions, something we are certainly very proud of.

Acetificio Brivio

Continuity with the past,
while always looking to the future

Acetificio Brivio has long been and continues to be engaged in the tireless search for the best raw materials – all our products are made exclusively with grapes and ingredients of Italian origin –, in the sustainability of our supply chain and in the meticulous control of production processes, which have been carefully automated to guarantee an increasingly faster supply service and in line with our customers’ needs and expectations. Only thanks to this commitment are we able to ensure that taste and tradition continue to be perfectly balanced after more than 180 years of tireless vinegar production, characterised by solid unmistakable organoleptic properties, able to accompany and enhance the flavours of some of the best Italian and international cuisine.

Since the early days of our Company, what has always set us apart is continuity with the past, yet with our sight always focused on process innovation and the renewal of our product range, in order to keep up with new market needs and with the latest technologies available, all in full respect of people, raw materials and processes. And that is precisely why today, instead of the small warehouse from which my great grandfather unknowingly gave life to a vinegar producer that today exports its products all over the world, Acetificio Brivio has proudly become a large, modern company, covering a 1,000-square metre area used for offices, our production facility and a warehouse for storing our raw materials and our finished products. And yet, setting foot on our plant, you can still clearly savour the unmistakable taste of tradition and passion which has proudly distinguished our Brivio-branded products since 1845.

To guarantee the exceptional quality and deep passion transmitted by Acetificio Brivio into each and every product, in recent years, we have obtained the most important certifications in the sector. Starting from the IFS and BRC standards, we continued our journey obtaining the 100% Made in Italy and Protected Geographical Indication certifications, guaranteeing the origin of the raw materials used, up to obtaining the Organic Certification of the entire supply chain, which also complies with the standards currently in force in the United States, in accordance with the USDA Organic certification.

This is only part of our story, because it is our products that actually speak for us, whenever they are selected and enjoyed by millions of consumers, just like you.