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Tradition, taste, continuity and innovation are the key words needed to understand the philosophy of Acetificio Brivio, an Italian company specialized in the production of high quality wine vinegar and food dressings.

The origin of an adventure:
the birth of the society!


Acetificio Brivio was founded in 1845 thanks to the initiative, insatiable curiosity, passion and hard work of its founder Luigi Pizzagalli. After an apprenticeship of several years with the marquess of Albese con Cassano, Luigi decided to set up his own business, founding the vinegar factory in 1845. The company has since been handed down from father to son. In 1935 Giovanni Pizzagalli, grandson of the founder Luigi, moved the production site from Calco to Cicognola di Merate, where the company is currently located.

During this phase the vinegar factory was named Brivio, due to the contribution of Luigi Pizzagalli’s son-in-law Carlo Brivio, who continued the business with the same zeal and passion as its founder.
Today the reins of the business have been taken over by young Alessandro Carozzi, Carlo Brivio’s nephew who, in keeping with the initial values of its founder, is ferrying the business into the 21st century.
Since its beginning, the company has been based on a meticulous and systematic control of the raw materials used and on the quality of the manufacturing processes that ensure the finished products are also created with the highest quality and value.

The family dimension:
an important tradition
and a guarantee of quality and passion


A key factor in all products of the Acetificio Brivio range is the value of a centuries-old tradition and of a family that made the vinegar cult its own distinctive characteristic.
From the days of the ancestor Luigi Pizzigalli right up to the company’s current owner Alessandro Carozzi, the spirit behind the company and its product has remained intact and is a unique guarantee of the quality and excellence of the range. Acetifico Brivio is the story of a genuine passion for vinegar, passed down five generations!

Thevalue of work, seriousness and professionalism in customer and supplier relations, complete respect for raw materials, production processes and the end user, and an awareness of and pride in its own tradition are the fundamental traits of the way Acetificio Brivio does business and are unmatched certification of its reliability towards the market.


Only Italian ingredients
for an Italian product:
from its origins to the present day

In keeping with a centuries-old tradition, all products in the Acetificio Brivio range are made from Italian grapes and ingredients. The selection of raw materials, integrated chain of production and meticulous control of the production processes are other distinctive characteristics of the company. The origin of the ingredients and raw materials is, in fact, fundamental in establishing the final quality of the product and is consistent with the spirit of the company, which aims to maintain high quality standards on all products in its range.
Precisely for this reason Acetificio Brivio was selected as “supplier of the year” in the 1990s by various industrial customers who use wine vinegar for their products—further proof of how the product is appreciated.

The innovation of the new generation:
production, quality, competence and passion
for the development of new products

Acetificio Brivio is a story of adherence to the simplicity of the values of tradition but also innovation, flexibility and passion for one’s work. Throughout the decades the spirit of the company has always been to update its range and its production processes to adapt them to technological advancements and market tastes, preserving the authenticity of the raw materials in a quest for the expression of the best organoleptic aspects of the product.

The goal is to offer a unique and genuine product resulting from simple, local ingredients (grape must and sugar) and from transformation processes treated with great attention to detail. These processes do not add anything to the products of the earth, but rather, aim to bring out their organoleptic characteristics.
For this reason the company has equipped itself with the most significant international quality certifications, such as IFS and BRC and has developed a completely organic collection of vinegars and dressings. At the same time significant investment has been made in the automation of production processes in order to provide customers with a quick and efficient service.

Company Profile - Acetificio Brivio S.r.l.
Acetificio Brivio

Company Profile

Acetificio Brivio, an Italian company specialized in the production of high quality wine vinegar and food dressings.